Ways To Protect Your Hair From Sun

As we are aware of this fact that sun not only causes damage to your skin, but also your hair. It’s time to protect your hair from harmful UV radiation. A hair follicle is a part of the skin, where your hair grows through packing old cells together. Sweat and dust can also lead to dandruff and hair fall. Get ready to know how you can protect your hair from sun exposure; for that, you need to find suitable conditioner or hair sunscreen.

Let’s look into the ways by which we can protect our hair from sun exposure:

 1- Choose the conditioner which suits you

The sun can weaken your hair’s protein like keratin. This may reduce elasticity which is why your hair breaks easily. So conditioner is said to be necessary as it will prevent hair breakage and gives you a smooth texture and healthy hair. When you are going to swim, put on some conditioner onto your hair also don’t forget to wear your swimming cap. It is suggested that you should choose conditioner based on your hair type.

2- Shampoo to pamper your hair

If you wash your hair with shampoo regularly, it will make your scalp dry and cause hair fall. So it is highly suggested to wash off your hair twice or thrice in a week. If your hair gets moist and sticky easily then it is advised to opt for mild conditioning shampoo especially during summers. While cleaning your hair thoroughly put it on your scalp instead of your hair.

3- Avoid Additional heat

If your hair has already damaged due to heat, refrain yourself by using equipment like a straitening machine or hair dryer. Use it when you need it urgently however it isn’t necessary to use it daily. If you want to use a hairdryer then keep it on moderate temperature.

4- Wear your hat to avoid from sun

It is necessary to wear a hat or cap so that your hair will be protected from exposure of sun. It will not only prevent but also it gives a cool and stylish look. If you think that hat is outdated then you can use sunscreen which will help your hair to stay away from UV rays. Take a small amount of it and gently apply it to your hair.

5- Say no to chemicals

The main cause of hair breakage is the usage of excessive hair products as you can find parabens in most of the hair care products. Additionally, they’re filled with toxic chemicals which are harmful to your hair. Use coconut oil to moist your hair instead of these products.

6- Go for a new haircut

If you want to protect your hair from the risk of split ends then get it trim within 4- 5 weeks. This way, you will be able get rid of hair fall and make it healthy.

7- Carry a hairstyle which protects your hair

In case your hair is long and you are not wearing a cap then it is suggested to you to carry a hairstyle like buns, instead of the ponytail as this will cover up your scalp thus prevent it from sunburn. Its better you wear a hat so that your hair won’t get easily damaged. For those with light color hair or textured ones have to be more alert as they can cause damage easily. As you all know midday sun is dangerous to you so avoid going during this time.

8- Dying your hair isn’t necessary

As dying and bleaching can open hair follicle which makes it dangerous to UV rays. If you have done with hair coloring recently then try to step out of your home very often so that your hair will not be damaged and keeps healthy.

9- Better you use wide comb

Say no to your regular hairbrush, use a wider one instead to avoid tangling of hair whether you are outside a long period and also it will help keep away from hair breakage.

10- Night Treatment

To avoid frizzy and dryness of hair all you need to do is let your conditioner stays overnight and wrap your hair around with a towel and sleep then. This will make your hair silky and soft when up wake up in the morning.

11- Dry shampoo can be used in nick of time

Is your hair still oily and sweaty? No worries here comes dry shampoo which is substitution of shampoo despite washing your hair use it which can be a life savior. It soaks too much oil from your scalp. If you don’t have dry shampoo then use baby talc powder instead which works a dry shampoo.

12- Replenishing conditioning

 Due to dust and pollution, the hair gets dirtier and we need to wash it off urgently however shampoo isn’t the only solution to this problem so what you have to do is wet your hair and then apply conditioner for a couple of minutes then rinse it off either in lukewarm or cold water.

13- Choose product wisely

You can choose those products which provide you the moisturizing, hydrating and replenishing. You should avoid products which contain alcohol and especially those products which add volume to your hair and make it bouncy. As these products are harmful to our hair better you should not use them.

14- Drink enough water

As we are putting all efforts to protect our hair one thing which we have forgotten is that drinking lots and lots of water and if you are not doing so then there will be no use of all the above methods.

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