The 10 best home exercises you can do without any equipment

In addition to your own weight, the best home exercise does not necessarily require a lot of equipment or any other equipment. For many athletes who do not have dumbbells, kettle bells, resistance bands or other equipment at home, this is good news, especially after the new coronavirus shut down the gym and fitness room. If you do not have a lot of equipment, it’s important to do weight training at home to keep you fit. If you do not have a complete set of equipment for you to use, you may think that the choices are limited, but this is not the case.

1. Lower body exercises and heart fatigue

This is not your regular old leg exercise method, here are some exercise methods that we think you have not tried, such as runners ’balance exercise (very good for speed and agility) and bottle opener (dynamic plank) changes will be seriously tested Your core strength). This workout was created by C.P.T.’s Amy Eisner and it will always test your endurance. Then, when you think you have finished, you will eventually have heart fatigue, which will bring you the final challenge. By adjusting the amount of rest between two exercises in the circuit, you can make exercise easier or more difficult.

2. 20 minutes of HIIT exercise can block your joints

Many HIIT exercises performed at home are packed with speed-measuring moves (please read “Many Jumps”), which is great for some people, but not the best choice for people who may have joint problems. This HIIT exercise was created by Equinox group fitness coach Colleen Conlon. It is friendlier than most HIIT exercises in the joints because it includes less impactful movements such as sidekicks and crab foot touches. There are also some actions that have a higher impact, such as skaters, so if you are not sure whether this exercise is safe for you, please consult your doctor or physiotherapist first.

3. Whole body aerobic challenge

Want to exercise aerobics at home? Then, you must try the routine created by Eisner. This circuit will go through a five-step cycle from the leg (squat pulse), the core (fold away) and the shoulder (leapfrog). After completing the selected number of rounds, you will get the AMRAP (as many representatives as possible) finisher.

4. Board-based exercise to illuminate your core

Yes, you can exercise your arms by weight alone. A good way to do this is to change the plank to make the shoulders and triceps really work. Created by qualified coach Lite Lewis, this exercise will start with the skater, let you draw blood, and then take you to the floor for the next three plank-based movements: push-ups, shoulder flapping, and plank forearm straightening. The second circuit is also heavy on the planks, with plank jacks and forearm planks. These actions will keep you on the plank for a long time (because they are back to back), so if it is difficult to maintain a good condition, please bend your knees to make it easier.

5. There are no crawlers or mountain climbers in this routine

Don’t like burlap or climbers? Then, this HIIT exercise is your daily activity. This full body weight exercise created by Conlon allows you to exercise on multiple exercise planes to exercise all different muscle groups. The exercises she chooses (such as side sway and explosive crab exercise) enable you to exercise at a speed that can really increase the intensity, which is essential for HIIT exercise. Tip: Before performing an exercise, try to perform 10 moves yourself at a comfortable intensity so that you can become familiar with any new exercises.

6. 4 minutes 30 minutes aerobic exercise

The whole body aerobic exercise performed by Eisner at home aims to complete the three-step exercise as quickly as possible, namely leapfrog, dog and dog chew and three-point toe touch. This 30-minute workout is double that of aerobic exercise (without running), so if you want to sweat, you can try it. You can choose the rest time according to your fitness level, so for people who are just starting out, this is a good exercise method.

7. Abdominal exercise completed in 8 minutes

The advantage of abdominal exercise is that you can easily perform abdominal exercises at home without any equipment. Not so good? Abs training can be very difficult, which is why it takes us more than eight minutes to complete all the exercises. This home exercise created by CPT Amy Maturin Winder, you will spend 30 Perform five separate exercises in seconds, including dead insects, forearm plank rock and plank sag, without resting between the two exercises until the circuit is completed. After three rounds, your abs will definitely burn.

8. 5 minutes plank exercise, greater challenge to your core

The board is known for exercising the abdominal muscles, but if done correctly, it will seriously challenge the shoulders, legs and hips. Created by Maturin Winder, this weight loss exercise uses five different planks, including bumping up and down (illuminating the shoulders and triceps) and plank jacks (providing aerobic elements). Before you start, please review these tips to make the board more effective so that you can make sure you make the most of each exercise.

9. 4 exercise weight exercises will seriously affect your hips

Of course, some devices can perform hip movements well-we are watching you, the mini bracelet-but you don’t actually need anything (other than weight) to move the hips. This four-step exercise training was created by Cori Lefkowith, a NASM-certified personal trainer and owner of Redefining Strength in Costa Mesa, California. It proves that you do not need any equipment to perform good docking exercises. Actions like a frog bridge and straight leg fire hydrants will ensure that you are working on gluteus Maximus, mid gluteal muscles and gluteus minimums.

10. Beginner three-step aerobic exercise

There are only three simple movements in this exercise created by Eisner-skater, three-point toe touch and trembling kick-but this is a good way to lower your movements and easily do home exercises. If you are just starting to use it, please try every 30 seconds and rest for 30 seconds. As you adapt to exercise, you can increase working hours and reduce rest time to cope with more aerobic exercise.

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