Prevent Unwanted Pregnancy Using Vaginal Contraceptive Film (VCF)

The vaginal contraceptive movie is a skinny rectangular movie that releases spermicide and it is a hormone-free film. It is used by way of girls internal the vagina and there it receives dissolved and produces nonoxynol to kill sperms. Women can use it each and every time having intercourse as it is protected and secure. Once you positioned it interior the vagina it converts into a gel to experience comfortable. The quality aspect about the VCF it prevents being pregnant via blockading cervix opening and stops sperms to enter the uterus.

Most female have complained of undesirable being pregnant however the usage of the VCF you can experience intimate lifestyles except any stress. After inserting, it absorbs vaginal secretion and then works as a barrier for sperms. It is very high-quality and has been examined via presenting advantageous prevention towards pregnancy. VCF is the first-rate alternative for female to weight their contraception desire except any confusion.

The technique of VCF to stop undesirable pregnancy

We all recognize that girls get pregnant when sperms enter the uterus via the vagina. Then in the uterus its fertilize eggs launched from ovaries at the time of ovulation. This takes time however you can give up the being pregnant manner the use of VCF at some point of intercourse. When you will use the VCF through placing internal the vagina it turns into gel inside 15 minutes and covers the cervix. Cervix is the entrance to the uterus. This way it stops the getting into of sperms internal the uterus and does no longer permit it to attain eggs.

Simultaneously, VCF additionally kills sperm as it has consisted of spermicide. It ability now you can experience intercourse with companions barring the anxiety of pregnancy. This additionally makes you and your companion experience comfortable. Even-thought after inserting it, you will now not sense that some thing existing there.

Effectiveness of the VCF

We all understand that these days in the market there are many safety materials. But all do no longer have ideal superb and end result girls get pregnant. On the different hand, when you use VCF it will soak up vaginal secretion and dissolve into a thick gel. This way it creates a strong barrier for sperms. Women can use it on my own as its impact is very robust with 95% assured to stop pregnancy. It capacity if you will use VCF in right and applicable structure each time at some point of intercourse. This capability out of one hundred ladies 5 will get pregnant when the use of it for one year.

Some female get pregnant due to their wrong use and hazard of pregnancy. It is very vital to comprehend how to use it properly.

The ideal technique for the use of VFC for fantastic result

The approach is very easy and effortless then solely you can use it besides any hassle. You have to location VCF inside the vagina to shut the cervix entrance of the uterus.

For this make positive that fingers or if the usage of any device need to be easy and safe. Then fold movie of VCF over the finger or device and now push it deep interior the vagina as you can. For tremendous end result comply with directions cautiously avails in the packet. For extra effectiveness, you need to cross fingers whilst inserting VCF into the cervix.

After the use of the VCF you must wait for 15 minutes for changing into the gel. One dose of spermicide normally works for 1 hour. After having intercourse you need to now not right now dispose of it and vicinity it to make certain the killing of sperms. During this time you ought to no longer wash or smooth the vagina.

If you are the usage of foam of VCF then firstly, shake it excellent and fill the applicator. After this, insert the applicator internal the vagina and now push the plunger for the credit score of the spermicide into the vagina. With suitable use solely it can exhibit fine effects and stop undesirable pregnancy.

For the usage of the VCF you do now not want any prescription from a doctor. You can without delay purchase a container of VCF from the pharmacy. But earlier than buying you have to take a look at expiry date from stopping any variety of allergy.

Side results of the use of VFC

It has protected uncommon aspect consequences such as.

  • Sometimes female experience itching in the vagina.
  • VCF also produces irritations in the vagina or partners’ penis. This additionally creates a feeling of burning at the time of urinating.
  • It can additionally have mild irritation in the vagina at the time of using.
  • It can additionally lead to yeast infections however it is very rare.
  • The use of VCF can additionally lead to white discharge in giant quantities.
  • Some female have additionally observed an allergic reaction.
  • It can create a chance of urinary tract infections.

But at the identical time, these aspect results rely on the volume of utilization of VCF. If you sense any hypersensitivity or discomfit whilst the use of VCF so you have to give up the use of it. If the trouble receives massive then at once go to to doctor.

Advantage of VCF

  • The great issue about the VCF as it begins working without delay you positioned inside the vagina.
  • Using it is very convenient and simple.
  • With the use of VCF, there is no trade in the body.
  • It does now not supply any hormonal facet effects. Works flawlessly to manipulate start hormonal.
  • The use of VCF is now not as messy as a distinction to different precautions.
  • It effortlessly receives discreet.

The drawback of VCF use

  • VCF is now not in a position to forestall the transmission of sexual infections consists of HIV/AIDS.
  • Every time you have intercourse use a new one and then wait for 15 minutes.
  • Sometimes the usage of it irritates the vagina.
  • While setting it interior the vagina you ought to sense cosy otherwise, it creates an issue.
  • You can’t use VCF is a associate is allergic to spermicide.


When you are no longer prepared to get pregnant and choose to have protected intercourse then effortlessly decide for VCF. In-sum VCF is best for stopping being pregnant and lets in each companions to have stress free intercourse. It is not-hormonal start manage and stops sperms to get internal the cervix.

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