Everything You Should Know About Sex Massage Pressure Points

Having sex in the same position automatically decreases the interest of both partners. It is the reason while having intimate partners have foreplay. If only one partner is having lovemaking then you will miss the enjoyment. If you want to enhance your lovemaking life then it is time to adopt something new and unique. Intimacy is not related to one person it involves touching and feeling. To increase intense and deep love you should go for a massage at particular pressure points. It is not as normal massage to relax the body. It is a sensuous massage for expanding the focus and grabs partner perfectly.

This sensual massage at pressure points will increase the strength and power of both partners. It is the time for lovers to try something new for deep lovemaking and impress your partner. Simultaneously, you should know the pressure points needed for massage. When you touch your partner physically in a different way brings intimacy feeling and removes stress from the whole body. Sensual massage to the body helps to open the blockage of mental and emotional strength. We all know that stress adversely affects lovemaking life and massage is the best option to enhance bed activities.

Head massage

Massage should start with the head as the brain is the most powerful organ for sex and stress. By massaging the head you can lower the stress and increase sexual activity in the mind. On the head, you will explore an acupressure point which helps in relaxing and make brain active for present work. It is located at the center of the head and it has direct contact with ears. By having massages at this point you can make your partner feel relaxed from whole day stress. It also helps to keep the mind calm and allow the flow of blood with proper balance.

Ears massage

This is common that most people love to tickle or lick ears during intimacy. This activity automatically increases the feeling of love from inside. The Bosch point is the massage point on ears located at the thin part. Having a massage at this point will increase the level of lovemaking. You should use fingers very gently for a massage at this point and it increases the desire for sex. Whereas some couples also nibble each other ears and have a very enjoyable time.

Breast massage

Breast is a very sensitive part of the body for both men and women. The nipple and areola present on the breast have nerve sending which makes it sensitive. By giving breast massage you can easily warm the body and have strong energy flow. For this massage, you have to smoothly brush around the nipple section and then slowly increase the pressure. Even you can also pinch the nipple while massaging as it increases lovemaking insight feeling. Most of the women also get stimulated by an orgasm of nipple by their partner.

Stomach 30 massage

These are two massage points which also known as rushing door points. The area is located on both sides of the genitalia or vagina. The point is avail at the place where the thigh meets belly and it also a very sexy spot. You have to massage very smoothly for a few seconds then hold and release it. Massaging in such points increases the sexual response of women. In men, this massage increases the flow of energy to their genitalia. These points of massage clam and create more sensitivity while having intercourse. These are sensitive areas so you should be gentle similar a kiss with love.

Belly massage

Belly massage also is known as the gate of origin as it is a hidden pleasant spot. It is the acupressure that can be easily massaged for hours and it gives birth to a hidden gem. This point also tells about women’s sexual awareness and interest. If you want to make your women motor run at high speed then you should smoothly massage the area. It is said that this area of the belly has to the same sensation which happens during lovemaking. Massaging this point will bring potential to sex life. The area is also known as the most calming point and has a wonderful feeling while massaging at this point.

Mount of Venus point

This massage point is very pleasurable and effective. This point is located just above the vagina where pubic hair grows. Massage at such point is an acupressure point and it creates a strong feeling of sexual action. By the gentle massage on this point helps to treat dryness of the vagina in additional to, this point of massage increases libido in women and enhances the feeling of lovemaking. Moreover, you can also call this point as switch off and on a button for sexual feeling. To massage the point use three fingers and could do it for 40 to 60 seconds.

The Sea of Vitality point

This massage point is also a very special place for increasing sexual liveliness. The point is located on both sides of the spine just above the hip. There you can explore two pressure points that provide the sea of vitality in both men and women. This point is also known as the long run acupressure point which has directly linked with the sexual craving. It means now you can make your partner ready for the lovemaking. If you will have massage daily over there then it increases sex capability. For releasing a flood of sex you should press the area very smoothly.

Foot massage

Foot massage at the bottom of the foot and side of the foot also increases the sexual feeling. These both points also consider as the most powerful for stabilizing energy to the body. Besides this, points also increase the blood flow in the whole body and offer direct contact with both men and women’s reproductive organs. In these points, you have to provide a little bit of hard pressure with smooth scratching of feet. To intense lovemaking, starting can also lick the points or move the tongue in a circular direction.  

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