Don’t ask someone to cut my hairs like this! You can learn from here!

Why does sister cut her hair?

Every once in a while, Capricorn looks in the mirror and feels that she is not good at everything, how to look ugly (sister knows this is sick! But she has given up treatment ~), thinking about changing her hair style, it should make you feel good Better ~ So, I walked into the barbershop…

However, after cutting her hair, she sadly found out: the original hairstyle is already ugly, but the new hairstyle can always be ugly! Who said the mood for haircuts will get better? I cut my hair and changed my ugliness. Is my mood worse?

The same tragedy happened not only to the sister…

When I first met Capricorn’s brother-in-law, one day he went to cut his hair and felt that he had come back directly with a lid (the “male god” in his sister’s heart became a “male nerve”) ~ he collapsed and asked: “I cut a Will the bald head be better? “

In order to comfort him, the sister did not dare to laugh out loud, and almost suffocated the internal injury.

What is layering? It’s just a matter of the length of the hair:

Layered hair (left picture) will make people look more lively and easier to style; and non-layered hair (right picture) gives people a sense of style, but if you don’t pay attention, you will feel dull ~

Warm-up preparation:-

If you want to trim your hair, you need to prepare some simple tools:

1. Single row comb:

(Convenient for breaking bars and combing hair)

2. Professional barber scissors:

(Convenient for breaking bars and combing hair)

3. Professional thinning scissors:

(This is a must, sold by X Bio)

4. Two rubber bands with hair tied up

 This is more common, both have long hair mm

Before cutting your hair, it is best to wash your hair, then put on clothes that do n’t like sticky hair, choose a place that is easy to clean (the sister ’s home is carpeted, so choose to cut on the balcony), prepare the above tools, hair release, chair, mirror.

Please ignore the over-real home flip flops)

When you are ready, you can start!

Clever cut level

Cut your own hair, the length of the level is the most difficult to determine! You can’t be as professional as a barber, and you can’t cut it all at once … how can you cut a uniform and appropriate length?

Don’t worry, my sister has a good idea

Step 1:

 Bend down as low as possible (take advantage of the opportunity to exercise flexibility, but please protect your little waist), use a comb to comb the hair down and straighten it.

Must ensure that each hair is straight and straight, otherwise the layers cut later will be uneven

Step 2:

 Continue to maintain this posture and tie the hair with the first rubber band (the braid is on the top of the head).

Please patiently enjoy the wonderful feeling of brain congestion

The higher the braid position, the higher the level of the cut hair; if you don’t want the level to be too high, then the height of the braid can be appropriately lowered towards the back of the head.

After tying it up, you can straighten your waist! (Oh, Xiao man’s sour waist, and his red face ~)

The styling looks ~ um ~ how to say … there is an urge to say “I am too polite, Master!”

Step 3:

 Take out the second rubber band and tie it on the first rubber band (the two should not have an intersection).

Is there a feel-good feeling

This hairstyle also comes with a skin-lifting effect, and the whole person is tight to the corners of the eyes and must fly to the temple ~ (There is a sense of sight when singing Beijing opera)!

Step 4:

 Comb the ponytail vertically upwards (be sure to comb all the hair straight and very straight).

You just keep going up, don’t go back and forth, thank you

When you feel that the amount of hair encircled by the second rubber band is about to become small, stop immediately!

Step 5:

Hold the rubber band, fix the hair, bend the hair tress, and cut off the hair outside the second rubber band.

Note that this action has the risk of cross-eying

No, in order to ensure the quality of the hair cut, the sister “heavy money” hired (the remuneration is a hamburger) a little fresh meat hairstyle assistant who has been in friendship with the sister for more than 9 years-Sunny (really fresh ~ only 8 and a half years old), Come and finish today’s hairstyle together!

I saw that the hair assistant Sunny put one hand in the trouser pocket, one hand took the scissors, and easily (hanger Lang) helped the sister cut off the hair tips ~ Why do you look serious?

Hey, this hairstyle assistant, can you be more dedicated.

Finally, after all the rubber bands are loosened, the level of the hair is basically determined.

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