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Welcome to Signature Minoxidil!!

Signature Minoxidil is one of the most popular companies in India. The company provide high-quality beauty and health products. We are providing the services globally and our customers are happy and satisfied with our products and services. Our company has achieved the trademark by the government since 2019 which makes use of a genuine and reputed company.

We strive to deliver best product so that our clients could get all the requirements for having the best solution for hair re-growth. We only believe in producing healthy and high-quality products so customers could not feel any types of allergy or harmful effects. Our company guaranteed in providing 100% customer satisfaction and happiness.

What we provide?

At Signature Minoxidil, we deal in Minoxidil products in the market. Let’s explore some details about this product. Minoxidil is a specific type of medicine which is used for hair regrowth on the scalp as well as beard. It is used by both men and women. Today several people are facing the issue of hair fall due to many reasons. Generally, this product is used for high blood pressure. It is the best solution which works in regaining hair growth perfectly.

This amazing product can also use on the beard to have heavy look on the face. People take oral medicine for the hair solution which is not good for health as it has side effects on the body. When the problem of hair fall occurs, it eventually affects the crown area of the head. If you buy it from our company Signature Minoxidil, then you will get great discount.

How Minoxidil does help to regrowth your hair?

The step of the medicine is very simple but it has a strong effect on your scalp. These ways of medicine help in regrowing hair. Even it also helps in reducing the issue of hair fall.


1. Reverse the miniaturisation of follicles
2. Improve blood flow on follicles
3. Increase movement of follicle to growth phase
4. Enlarge follicles growth phase

This medicine usually comes in two types of concentration:

  • 2%
  • 5%

It is due to body suitability as women and men have different aspects, so it is considered 2% for women and 5% for men.

The medicine is the perfect solution for your hair fall issue when it is beginning. It is can be used by both men and women. In this, you should also understand that growth and regrowth have a different meaning. With the use of medicine, you can easily stop the issue of hair fall and regrowth the hairs in a thick manner. Minoxidil medicine is very beneficial for use so you can use it without any hassle. So, purchase it today from Signature Minoxidil and get amazing benefits for hair regrowth. Products you will buy are tested under the proper clinics

What age for using this Product?

For using the medicine there is no particular age but according to the advisor, you should use the medicine above 18 years old. Today you can also explore that boys of 16 years have a heavy beard on their face as this can be an exceptional case but is not necessary that all boys have the same type of beard. According to the study, you will explore that boy puberty finishes between the age of 16 to 20 years old as it increases up to 22 years old.

Today you can oversee that most men can’t grow the facial hair at the young age but have at the age of twenties. It is also proved that the growth of facial hair continues until the thirties. If you are an adult or above the age of 18 then you are free to take a decision after reading all FAQs and rules.

How does it work on the face?

When you use the medicine of the face then it easily enters the system and helps in promoting the growth of the hair. These hairs on the face are vellus and are equipped with the concept of falling. For the great results, most of the people apply medicine for many months.

The vellus type of hair growth in many places on the face such as.

  • Ears
  • Eyebrows
  • Back
  • Chest, stomach
  • Hands, feet, and legs
  • Forehead
  • Upper cheekbones

Science concept present behind the minoxidil

We know that the full procedure of medicine can’t be easily understood. But it is the medicine which can easily reverse the hair fall issue with the process of androgenetic alopecia in the following ways.

  • It helps in stimulating the recovery of anagen form the phase of telogen.
  • This also helps in increasing the hair shaft according to its diameter.
  • The medicine helps in prolonging the phase of anagen.
  • With the use of medicine, it can stimulate anagen growth.

How long should leave Minoxidil after applying?

Whether you are using the foam or liquid medicine then you should leave it for 4 hours. According to the proved it is said that medicine has absorbed in the first hours which is up to 50% and another 75 % is for another four hours.

When you use the medicine on the scalp then it takes more time as it is less absorbent than the face. It is the reason that it takes more time when applying on the hair.

Get Hair Regrowth Solution with Minoxidil

Minoxidil is proven and tested medicine which helps in stopping the issue of hair fall. Even medicine also provides a beneficial method to process the hair loss. It is the medicine which can reactivate your inactive hair follicles. This helps in regrowing the hair on your head and face. In this way you can easily have heavy hairs on face and head.


The information you have read above on the site is just for providing knowledge about the medicine. We do not provide any kind of medical professional advice. It is advice you that before purchasing or using such medicine you should consult with the doctor. The product on the site is for only personal use and it is not available for resale. Products you will buy are tested under the proper clinics but we are not obliged to any kind of side effects with the use of medicine.